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Cavel International, the owners of the Illinois horse slaughterhouse which burnt in April 2002, is REBUILDING ITS FACILITIES IN DEKALB, ILLINOIS. They already have the pre-building permits, and are awaiting a definitive building permit from the City Council.

Please write letters and, faxes and make phone calls today and over the next two weeks to all relevant City Officials (details below) respectfully but emphatically urging them to put a stop to the rebuilding now.

As you are well aware, we are trying to get legislation enacted that will ban the slaughter of horses in this country as well as the export of horses for the same purpose. If the rebuilding of this plant is allowed to continue, it will have a definite negative impact on our efforts. But most importantly, it puts the safety and welfare of our beloved equine population in further jeopardy.

The Special Use Permit can be revoked at any time by the City Development Center’s Officials under Section 14.03.06 of the DeKalb’s Zoning Ordinance so please send your letters and faxes, and call the individuals below:

All emails to the mayor and city council are apparently being returned as "recipient unknown". It is suggested that you call and fax the individuals below.

Mr. Paul Rasmussen,
City Development Director
City of DeKalb´s Community Development Center
223 S. Fourth Street,
DeKalb, Illinois, IL 60115
Phone: 815-748-2365
Fax: 815-748-2359

Mr. Ray Keller
City Planner
City of DeKalb´s Community Development Center
223 S. Fourth Street,
DeKalb, Illinois, IL 60115
Phone: 815-748-2367
Fax: 815-748-2359
E-mail: rkeller@cityofdekalb.com

Ernie Pinne
Chief Building Inspector
City of DeKalb´s Community Development Center
223 S. Fourth Street - Suite A
DeKalb, Illinois, IL 60115
Phone 815-748-2070
direct 815-748-2377
Fax 815-748-2359
email: epinne@cityofdekalb.com

City of DeKalb,
Community Development Department,
Fax: 815-748-2359,
Phone: 815-748-2060,
website: www.cityofdekalb.com

Additionally, we need to pressure the Mayor and the City Council with faxes, letters and phone calls. Simply type up a letter containing all of the names and addresses, sign it, photocopy it, and send them out (see sample attached):

Mayor Greg Sparrow
aka: King Greg 'The Keg' Sparrow
200 S. Fourth St. Room 203
DeKalb, IL. 60115
(815) 748-2099
E-MAIL: gsparrow@cityofdekalb.com

Karega Harris
827 Russell Rd., #55
1st Ward

Kris Povlsen
149 Joanne Lane
2nd Ward

Steve Kapitan
1228 Sycamore Road
3rd Ward

Mike Knowlton
416 South 10th Street
4th Ward

Pat Conboy
763 Haish Boulevard
5th Ward

Dave Baker
560 W. Lincoln Highway
6th Ward

James Barr
910 Spiros Ct. #5
7th Ward

Sample language for letter. Please revise and edit so that all letters received do not appear as "form letters".

RE: Cavel International—Rebuilding of Horse Slaughter Plant in DeKalb, Illinois

I write to urge you to revoke the special permit given to Cavel International for the rebuilding of the horse slaughter plant in DeKalb.

Horse slaughter is a despicable business, and a vast majority of Americans are opposed to it, and they, together with numerous equine and other organizations, are currently working to get the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act enacted in order to ban it entirely from this country altogether.

Americans do not eat horses; we do not raise our horses for food. The only reason horse slaughter exists is to satisfy the palates of foreigners who consider horse flesh a delicacy. The horses for this industry are provided by "killer buyers" who travel from one auction to the next filling up their trucks. Others are stolen; even our protected wild horse population can end up there. Some are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without food, water or rest. Fighting and injuries, even death, are common.

Callous and extremely inhumane treatment at the slaughterhouse results in prolonged suffering. Improper use of stunning equipment, designed to render the animal unconscious with a swift shot to the head, means that horses sometimes endure repeated blows, and remain conscious during their own slaughter, including throat slitting.

Help end this barbaric practice for good by revoking Cavel’s permit to rebuild and stopping them going any further today.

Thank you.

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