There are currently three operating horse slaughter facilities in the United States, two are in Texas, the other is in Illinois.

Dallas Crown, Inc
2000 West Fair
P.O. Box 467
Kaufman, TX 75142
972-932-3062 (fax)
Manager:Geert Dewulf
Horse Inspector:Randy Williams
Beltex Corporation
3801 N. Grove St.
Fort Worth, TX 76106
817-624-4594 (fax)
President:Eric Nauwelaers
Horse Inspector:Ronnie Ober
Cavel International, Inc.
International Meat Exporters
108 Harvestore Dr.
DeKalb, IL 60115
Owner:Luc Van Damme (Belgian)
Plant Manager:Jim Tucker
(re-opened 7 June 2004)

Dallas Crown Packaging is Belgian owned in Kaufman, TX and slaughters horses for Belgium, Italy, Japan, and France. Bel-Tex Corporation is a French owned horse slaughterhouse at 3801 N. Grove Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76106. They export horsemeat to France and other European countries.

It is a dirty secret of the horse industry that these two equine slaughterhouses are operating in Texas - the Beltex "Plant" and the Dallas Crown "Plant." A third plant, Cavel, in DeKalb, Illinois recently reopened.

Many people think that the only horses that make this journey are those that are too old, too injured, or too sick to be useful to their owners or to anyone else except as dog food or as glue. This is not the purpose of these plants. Their purpose is to supply horsemeat to diners in other countries. Horsemeat is a delicacy in France, Belgium, and Japan, and tens of thousands of young, healthy American horses a year are brutally slain to supply this for them.

The horses supplied to these facilities may be stolen (as occurred to a horse that belonged to a Texas Representative). They may have been a family pet that was purchased at auction. Killer buyers frequently misrepresent the sale of a horse by telling the sellers they are "buying their horse for a child" and "it's going to a good home". (Texas State Representative Charlie Howard (R-Sugarland) learned that his stolen horses ended up at a Texas slaughter plant. He said this on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives on April 23, 2003 during the debate over Bloody Betty Brown's HB 1324 to legalize the two Texas horse slaughter plants.)

Stolen Horse Slaughtered

BelTex Killer Buyer List

All of the horses are terrified and afraid as they wait for their turn to be forced into the killing pen.

Under federal law, horses are required to be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, usually with a device called a captive bolt gun, which shoots a metal rod into the horse's brain. Some horses, however, are improperly stunned and may still be conscious when they are hoisted by a rear leg to have their throats cut. In addition, conditions in the slaughterhouse are stressful and frightening for horses.

Please contact your Congressional representatives in the House and Senate to urge them to vote for HR 503, which will prohibit the slaughter of horses for human consumption and stop the trade and transport of horseflesh and live horses intended for human consumption.

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